101 Grant Writing Tips for Beginners and Nonprofit Organizations

Danita Doleman
3 min readApr 20, 2022

As Per Danita Doleman, there are several grant writing guidelines that might assist you in obtaining the cash necessary to attain your objectives. Here are a few to consider. Assure that your proposal flows smoothly, is clear and succinct, and addresses the grant application’s inquiries. Additionally, your grant application should be as precise as possible regarding the project or program for which you are applying. Following these ideas might assist you in creating a successful grant submission. You’ll be well on your way to obtaining that critical grant funding.

To begin, keep the audience in mind while you compose your proposal. Grant reviewers are not interested in reading about your own difficulties or the problems of others, so show your enthusiasm clearly. Utilize plain language and up-to-date facts to substantiate your proposal. Additionally, summarize any complicated topics to make them more understandable. Bear in mind that your grant application will be reviewed by a real person and was written with the intention of being read by others.

Second, begin small and concentrate on little donations. Don’t be concerned if the grant isn’t the finest in the world; start with little ones to acquire a feel for the procedure. After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may go to larger grants. Bear in mind that grant writing is a serious business, and you must approach it with the proper mentality. Here are some pointers to ensure the success of your proposal.

Danita Doleman suggested that, finally, ensure that you thoroughly read the instructions and understand what the grant reviewer is looking for. Grant evaluators often base their conclusions on the documentation presented with the application. As a result, it is critical to describe the facts included in your proposal. Avoid the use of jargon. Utilize straightforward language and spell out acronyms. Additionally, ensure that each page is completed before taking a break. Avoid using jargon while submitting a proposal for a research grant. Grant reviewers will believe that you are unable to comprehend it.

Finally, ensure that your proposal is compatible with the grant provider’s requirements. Your mission should align with the grantor’s objectives. Avoid squeezing your initiatives inside the confines of a generic grant. This may result in mission creep and resource squabbling. Ascertain that your proposal adheres to all grant standards and is clear and succinct. Examine the grading criteria and determine if your grant is sufficiently clear and convincing to fulfill them.

Grant writing takes a great deal of time. Allow one month for the completion of a proposal. A well-written proposal will take at least one month to prepare, and numerous revisions will be required. Once approved, ensure that the grant is updated on a regular basis. As your concept develops, the timeframe for submitting a proposal will grow. Additionally, your proposal should incorporate pertinent facts and research. This will assist you in determining the project’s success.

Danita Doleman demonstrated that, make contact with the financial source. You should contact the financing organization and schedule an introductory phone conversation. They may be able to provide advice on how to respond to grant-related queries. By communicating with the financing organization and discussing your idea, you may establish a connection with them. Often, the outcomes of this procedure are astoundingly favorable. You may even discover that your idea is eligible for financing. Therefore, do not overlook these grant writing suggestions!

Create a grant that is appropriate for both you and the granting agency. If you’re unsure where to begin, study books on grant writing. The American Library Association provides libraries with guidance and tools for writing a successful proposal. Along with books, you should take into account the grant application structure. The majority of grant writers adhere to criteria and a plan for writing a grant request. These suggestions represent just a portion of the resources accessible.

Bear in mind that each grantmaker’s grant program follows a unique set of rules. Take the time to properly read their instructions. Your grant application may be denied if you do not adhere to the standards. At the end of the day, you must decide if your grant proposal is the greatest fit for your organization. Additionally, remember to adhere to the criteria and have someone else examine your application before submitting it. It can make a world of difference.



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